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Water Safety in Building

Meeting the Urban Challenge: A Guide to the Efficient Management of Water Systems in Buildings

According to the World Health Organization an alarming 93% of urbanization occurs in poor or developing countries, and almost 40% of the world's urban expansion is occurring in growing slums. As global urbanization continues to rise, so will the increase of the population's overall exposure levels to outbreaks of disease resulting from poorly designed or managed water systems in buildings. Reducing the risk of preventable disease should be treated as a public health priority and all steps towards a viable resolution should be considered in order to avoid an epidemic. Poorly designed buildings and inefficient management of water systems in these structures have been identified as the two main causes of disease outbreak. Although these health risks are avoidable and can be readily controlled, evidence of outbreak indicates a steady climb.

This 164-page resource provides guidance for managing building water supplies. Readers will find this an especially useful training and informational tool to help advocate for overall safe management of building water supplies.

Publication Date: March 2011


Making Cities Work

This website provides a portal to better understand the enormous challenges affecting today's growing urban populations. USAID is increasing its commitment to urban areas to ensure that it adequately addresses the many associated challenges which include climate change, health, water and sanitation, and natural and man-made disasters.

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Tapping Cambodia's Water Market

USAID's Water Investment Strategy

USAID/Cambodia's Micro, Medium, and Small Enterprise Project has provided 30,000 Cambodian residents with safe, year round, piped drinking water systems.  This video, in both two minute and ten minute lengths, supports the project's water investment strategy by encouraging the private sector to invest in local water providers.

(two minute versionten minute version)

Last updated: September 27, 2013

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