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The World's Water Volume 7 by Peter H. Gleick

Penned by internationally known water expert, co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, California, Dr. Peter H. Gleick along with a host of other contributors, The World’s Water provides reports on current water trends, events, and data on water resources and their uses. With topics ranging from climate change and its impact on transboundary water resources, to corporate water management, water quality, and Australia’s millennium drought, and a number of briefs on bottled water, the Great Lakes, and water in the movies, The World’s Water Volume 7 informs readers of many current and pressing issues in the water sector.

Water History for Our Times

This collection of essays from the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) delves deep into the vast history of water. The text explains how to better understand current water emergencies, the importance of studying the past, and applying that information to finding solutions for current water predicaments. Sections focus on how history can serve as a guide when making informed decisions concerning the future of the water crisis and the development of new technologies. Water History for Our Times is the second IHP essay on water history, and accompanies History of Water and Civilization, a UNESCO reference series.


Asian Development Bank (ABD) "Water for All"

 “Water for All” is the Asian Development Bank’s (ABD) vision and policy for the Asia and Pacific region. This portion of ADB’s site focuses on videos, news, and features of all things water in the Asia and Pacific region. An up-tod-ate library of those items as well as coming events, projects, and op-eds are available for review. Stories on water initiatives give insight on water sector reforms in the Asia-Pacific region, and explain the work being accomplished in water financing programs. A more comprehensive explanation and breakdown of each program in the water financing, sanitation, Water Operators Partnerships (WOPs), and critical water issue awareness sectors is also available.

WaterAID: Inclusive WASH

This learning portal from WaterAid Australia and the WASH Reference Group is home to a bevy of resources on WASH, learning sessions on a multitude of topics, case studies, and a forum to share personal experiences, insights, and general information. Some of the topics covered include: A learning session on HIV/AIDS and Chronic Illness, scheduled for January 2012; the Poorest of the Poor learning session is scheduled for February 2012 and will focus on those excluded from WASH because of race, religion, caste, ethnic minority, age, and employment.

On Video

The Water Channel: Sharing Water in Yemen

The Water Channel’s series on the crisis in Yemen highlights successful water sharing practices in this video. Yemen’s history of scarce water and the needs of a growing population called for a change in the way groundwater in the region was being managed. Local rules such as regulating the drilling of wells, banning water sold from reservoirs, placing security around check dams, and many others have served various parts of Yemen and thousands of residents. Five case studies are presented in the video.

Take Me to the River

Featured on our back cover, The Take Me To The River (TMTTR) project, an international collective of artists, will present an exhibition of artwork at Le Musée de Tapisseries in Aix en Provence concurrent with the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012. The theme of the artwork in the exhibition is the importance of water, and will feature a wide range of artistic disciplines including video, painting, digital prints, and photography. Prior to the opening of the exhibition TMTTR artists will travel to Aix en Provence to collaborate with an association of women from emerging nations in the creation of a water- related installation. The Take Me To The River Project was an official part of the 5th World Water Forum cultural component in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2009.

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