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Today, we can learn lessons from this period of crisis, and use the lessons of the pandemic to build up not just individual immunity, but our societal immunity – so that this remarkable story of [global health] progress does not end with us, but builds for future generations to come.

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— USAID Administrator Samantha Power

Where you’re born shouldn’t determine how long you live.

That’s why USAID is committed to reducing inequities in life expectancy around the world and increasing access to quality health care—even in the hardest-to-reach communities. 

USAID’s global health programs save lives, protect communities from deadly diseases, and promote social and economic progress. Our work helps mothers safely give birth, delivers life-saving vaccines, and increases access to HIV treatment for millions. In the last 60 years, USAID has worked hand-in-hand with partner countries to change the landscape of global public health. We have thwarted Ebola outbreaks, improved health safety standards, and dramatically slowed the spread of malaria, tuberculosis, and countless infectious diseases. 

Today, U.S. investments are helping health systems around the world to bounce back from COVID-19 and protect communities from future pandemic threats.

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To tackle the greatest challenges straining global health systems, we must turn COVID-19 into a manageable illness everywhere, build our health security defenses against future outbreaks and threats, and rebuild our health systems by investing in essential primary health care.

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