Recommendations for Strengthening Health Systems during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Speeches Shim

Health systems in low resource settings continue to be severely strained by the COVID-19 pandemic. These systems are already fraught by a high incidence of non-communicable and infectious diseases, an inability to adequately provide high quality primary and specialty health care services, and the escalating costs associated with providing health services. These factors continue to undermine access to equitable and quality essential health services, and place further strain on human and financial resources in the health sector. This guide provides a resource for planning and implementing support to host country health system responses. The identified recommendations serve as a starting point, meant to be tailored to the local country context and changing circumstances based on the intersection of the COVID-19 trends, disruption to essential services, and level of vaccinated population.

Monday, August 9, 2021 - 2:45pm

Last updated: September 03, 2021