This is an overview of the USAID/Malawi FY 2022 Tuberculosis (TB) Roadmap, implemented with FY 2021 budget


The following tables illustrate the distribution by technical area of the USAID TB budget for Malawi that will be used for the implementation of Malawi’s FY 2022 TB Roadmap (Table 1) and the core indicators that will be used to monitor implementation of Malawi's TB Roadmap and the country's progress towards the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on TB targets (UNGA targets) (Table 2).

Table 1: USAID Budget for Malawi per Technical Area

Technical AreaUSAID TB budget for FY22USAID Percentage of TB budget for FY22
TOTAL BUDGET:$4,000,000100%

Table 2: TB Core Indicators in Malawi from 2015-2020 and Targets from 2021-2022

REACH: Increased DS- and DR-TB case notification
1TB Detection46.3%47.0%%50.0%47.4%62.0%56.1%UNGA target: 22,800UNGA target: 21,300
2Bacteriological Diagnosis Coverage (Pulmonary TB)58.4%62.3%60.1%62.2%60.0%64.0%
3Childhood TB Notifications1,5621,3741,7011,3991,5271,395UNGA target: 3,800UNGA target: 3,800
4Drug-Resistant TB Notifications936685127104108UNGA target: 372UNGA target: 395
5Private Sector TB Notifications3,1603,6013,601
6Contact Investigation Coverage**34%46%55%89%90%
CURE: High treatment success rate in DS- and DR-TB
7TB Treatment Success Rate***80.7%82.1%85.8%88%88%
8Drug-Resistant TB treatment Success Rate****60.9%58.6%55%73%
PREVENT: Prevent TB transmission and development
9TPT Coverage130,52572,4663,06842,691201,77027,728UNGA target: 89,300UNGA target: 93,260
SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS: Commitment and sustainability
10Proportion of Domestic Financing for TB16.8%11.0%2.0%

*Projected Targets: These represent the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting targets (UNGA targets).
**Contact Investigation Coverage: based on limited available data from 2016 to 2020.. The shown data reflect only part of the indicator.
***TB Treatment Success Rate: newest data for 2019 cohort reported.
****Drug-Resistant TB Treatment Success Rate: newest data for 2018 cohort reported.