Haiti: Nutrition Profile

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Gertha Dorisca, from the Cul-de-Sac plain in Haiti, checks a plot of corn for any indication of pests.
  • Haiti

    Flag of Haiti

  • Population

    11.1 Million

  • Pop. Under 5

    1.3 Million

  • % Stunting

    22% Of Children Under 5

  • % Wasting

    4% Of Children Under 5

Photo credit: David Rochkind

Malnutrition in childhood and pregnancy has many adverse consequences for child survival and long-term well-being. It also has far-reaching consequences for human capital, economic productivity, and national development overall. The consequences of malnutrition should be a significant concern for policymakers in Haiti where 22 percent of children under five years of age are stunted (have low height-for-age) and 66 percent of children aged 6–59 months suffer from anemia (IHE and ICF 2017). The persistent risk of food insecurity, natural disasters, and poor infrastructure—particularly for water and sanitation—continue to make Haiti’s population vulnerable to malnutrition.

USAID Programs: Accelerating Progress in Nutrition

As of April 2020, the following USAID programs with a focus on nutrition were active in Haiti.

  • Aksyon Kominote nan Sante pou Ogmante Nitrisyon (AKSYON)
  • Health Service Delivery (Project Sante)
  • Haiti WASH Project
  • Ranfose Abitid Nitrisyon pou Fè Ogmante Sante (RANFOSE)


For more information, read the Haiti country profile [PDF, 167KB].

Last updated: August 20, 2021

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