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USAID envisions a world where all women, newborns, and children survive and are healthy and able to reach their full potential, contributing to the development of their communities and countries.

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Preventing Child and Maternal Deaths: A Framework for Action in a Changing World

In the last 30 years,  significant progress to improve maternal and child survival has been achieved. In 1990, more than 12.5 million children died before their fifth birthday—largely due to treatable and preventable causes—nearly three decades later, that figure has decreased by more than half. And, since the turn of the millennium, the global maternal mortality ratio has dropped by approximately 34 percent. A global health success story worth celebrating, made possible, in part, because of the generosity of the American people and the support of Congress. 

Yet, improving the survival and health of women and children worldwide still requires urgent, collective action. Today, millions of children die in the first few days and weeks of life, with millions more dying before their fifth birthday, and hundreds of thousands of women still die in the time surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. In areas where the burden of child and maternal mortality is highest, health systems face barriers to delivering basic health services, often lacking the necessary resources, staff, and supplies. USAID support saves the lives of mothers and children by strengthening the quality, equity, and coverage of essential health care services. 

What We Do

Together with host country governments, the civil and private sectors, faith-based organizations, and other key partners, USAID brings lifesaving health services closer to the communities and families who need them. 

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Where We Work

A mother’s chance of surviving childbirth or a child’s chance at celebrating their fifth birthday should not be determined by where they live or are born, their race, ethnicity, or their family’s income status. USAID’s programs focus on 25 priority countries that together account for more than two-thirds of maternal and child deaths worldwide. 

Delivering Results

In 2021 alone, USAID helped more than 91 million women and children access essential—often lifesaving—care. Our annual reports to Congress track this progress, highlight trends, and outline our evidence-based approaches and focus areas to increase maternal and child survival across our priority countries.

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