U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative

USAID leads the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), which works in 24 partner countries in sub-Saharan Africa and three programs in the Greater Mekong Subregion in Southeast Asia. Learn more about where PMI works

Map of PMI Countries

USAID-Supported Programs

USAID provides targeted support to fight malaria in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean.


In addition to supporting 24 African countries through PMI, USAID provides targeted assistance to Burundi. USAID funds lifesaving commodities such as mosquito nets and malaria treatments, supports entomological monitoring, and strengthens supply chains, among other activities in Burundi. View the Malaria Operational Plans below for more information on USAID's malaria work in Burundi. Visit the PMI website to view Malaria Operational Plans for PMI partner countries.

Malaria Operational Plans for Burundi
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Burundi MOP
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Burundi MOP Funding Tables

FY 2021 [PDF, 306KB] FY 2021 Funding Tables [PDF, 37KB]; 

FY 2020 Funding Update [PDF, 61KB]; 

FY 2019 [PDF, 91.5KB] FY 2019 Funding Update [PDF, 38KB]; 

Latin America and the Caribbean

The Latin America and Caribbean region continues to make important advancements toward malaria elimination. USAID funding and technical assistance in the region aims to accelerate progress against malaria. In collaboration with key partners, USAID supports countries to improve approaches for malaria diagnosis, treatment, vector control, and surveillance to promote even greater impact.