HIV and gender-based violence (GBV) are syndemic. HIV epidemic control cannot be achieved without addressing gender inequality and GBV.

USAID implements activities to prevent GBV, enhance the safety of GBV survivors, and provide survivors with services to remain HIV-negative or to start HIV treatment.

USAID improved GBV case identification and response within HIV index testing services in Nigeria through the following process:

  1. Custom indicator data was analyzed to identify the 10 poorest performing sites for gBV case identification and response.
  2. A remedial action plan was developed and implemented across the 10 sites.
  3. USAID and implementing partner staff were trained on GBV first line support
  4. Nine weeks after the initial analysis, a second analysis was conducted with custom GBV data to measure progress from baseline.

The result was a 51% increase from baseline to endline in the HIV index testing sites that were appropriately:

  • Identifying survivors of violence
  • Providing first-line support to survivors
  • And providing or referring survivors to GBV response services.