HIV and gender-based violence (GBV) are syndemic. HIV epidemic control cannot be achieved without addressing gender inequality and GBV.

USAID implements activities to prevent GBV, enhance the safety of GBV survivors, and supports survivors with services to remain HIV-negative or to start HIV treatment.

USAID supports Namibia’s efforts to mobilize community norms change surrounding gender, HIV, and violence prevention.

To advance GBV prevention efforts, Namibia increased outreach to young men and boys by:

  • Holding community consultations to inform approaches to finding and engaging young men and boys in HIV and GBV prevention programs.
  • Hiring full-time facilitators - “Male Champions” - to implement a gender norms change and GBV prevention curriculum.
  • Reaching over 1,800 young men and boys with gender transformative violence prevention interventions and linking them to HIV prevention services.