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U.S. Government to Provide Flood Recovery Assistance to Georgia

August 12, 2013

Georgia is a key U.S. ally in the Caucasus region and is a gateway for energy resources from the Caspian Sea to Europe and beyond. The Government of Georgia (GOG) is committed to advance democratic and economic reform, strengthen the rule of law, and improve social services. Georgia’s 2012 Parliamentary Elections were historic and represented the first peaceful, competitive, and constitutional transfer of power in the region.

Students attend one of the 38 eco-camps supported by USAID
August 2, 2013

On Friday, August 2, 2013 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director Stephen M. Haykin, along with Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Khatuna Gogaladze and local officials, opened an eco-camp for students from nine eco-clubs from the Alazani watershed to raise awareness in environmental protection and conservation in Tusheti.  During the visit, Mr.

Artifacts uncovered by road rehabilitation project
July 2, 2013

On July 2nd, USAID opened two newly rehabilitated roads in Shida Kartli that are expected to benefit more than 15,000 residents.

The Gori Jvari Road will provide access to the Gori Jvari Monastery, one of the most important cultural sites in the country. Every year, thousands of Georgians visit the site to celebrate feasts of St. George.

Mission Director Stephen M. Haykin signs MOU.
June 20, 2013


On June 19, 2013, USAID Mission Director, Stephen M. Haykin signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) USAID and IFES’ six new partner universities in Georgia. The MOU will set the framework for the introduction of the IFES-developed civic education course, “Democracy and Citizenship,” that will be offered at these universities from 2013 onward. This innovative course was first unveiled in 2011; by fall 2013, the course will be offered at 20 universities throughout Georgia.

Ambassador Richard Norland with Minister of Environment Khatuna Gogaladze
June 3, 2013

U.S. Ambassador Richard Norland joined Minister of Environmental Protection Khatuna Gogaladze and representatives from environmental ministries in Armenia and Azerbaijan at the South Caucasus Conference on Sustainability and Watershed Management on June 3rd at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Tbilisi. The conference brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from three South Caucasus countries to discuss the sustainability of integrated watershed management approaches, including best practices, limitations and challenges, and lessons learned from experiences in the field. 


Tbilisi, Georgia – In response to the June 13-14 flooding that devastated Tbilisi, caused tragic loss of life  and destroyed its zoo, the U.S. government—through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—is set to provide various forms of flood recovery assistance requested by the government of Georgia.

After close coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Tbilisi Mayor’s office, USAID will send two U.S. Forest Service natural resource teams to Georgia in the next several weeks.  The first team, which arrives next week and includes a geotechnical engineer, watershed specialist, and hydrologist, will conduct an assessment of the flood disaster zone and recommend short-term mitigation steps the government of Georgia can take to minimize future risks.  The second team, which will arrive in two to three weeks and includes zoo specialists, will develop recommendations for safely relocating and modernizing Tbilisi's zoo.

The US government will continue to coordinate with the government of Georgia to identify specific needs related to flood recovery. 

Last updated: October 15, 2015

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