USAID/Georgia Launches the USAID Economic Governance Program

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Under the new program, USAID will support economic reforms to attract private investment and build Georgia’s capacity to plan, finance, and implement its own solutions to development challenges.

 USAID/Georgia launched the USAID Economic Governance Program, a five-year program to help Georgia design and implement transparent, evidence-based economic policies to improve its business and investment environment.  

Through the program, USAID will partner with the Government of Georgia, business associations, and civil society organizations to facilitate strong public-private dialogue and ensure that Georgia's private sector is represented in the policymaking process.

The program involves providing technical assistance to the Government of Georgia to ensure evidence-based policymaking that accounts for the needs of all stakeholders.  Notably, USAID will continue to facilitate public-private dialogue to ensure that regulations are well-suited to the conditions of Georgia’s private sector. The Economic Governance Program also supports business associations and civil society to drive Georgia’s reform processes through research and advocacy.

Last updated: January 09, 2020

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