USAID Launches News Program to Support Skills Development, Reduce Unemployment, Spur Economic Recovery

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

USAID’s new Industry-Led Skills Development Program aims to reduce unemployment and support sustainable economic growth by building a pipeline between skills training and high-value employment opportunities.

USAID/Georgia announced the USAID Industry-Led Skills Development Program, a five-year initiative to create pathways between skills training and high-value employment opportunities, reducing unemployment and catalyzing sustainable economic growth. Implemented by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC), the new Program will partner with private sector enterprises to support students, professionals, and job seekers to obtain the skills necessary to expand Georgia’s economy.

“A dynamic, private-sector-led economy requires a highly-skilled workforce with the tools to succeed in the modern economy.  Georgia’s students and professionals have tremendous potential, and we can help them reach that potential by closing the current skills gap,” said USAID/Georgia Mission Director Peter Wiebler. 

“Through this initiative, we will empower Georgians to not only find employment, but to thrive in a dynamic economy.  At the same time, we will transform how we work with businesses and industry groups, partnering to establish new programs that connect Georgian workers with today and tomorrow’s job opportunities, and Georgia’s businesses with the highly-skilled candidates they need.”

The Program will focus on training workers for industries with the highest growth potential and demonstrated private sector interest, reducing unemployment while helping Georgia build a more dynamic and innovative economy.  Training programs will target underrepresented members of society, including residents of rural communities, women, and ethnic minorities.

Last updated: May 13, 2022

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