USAID Helps Pankisi-Based Activist Launch Radio Program

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Friday, August 6, 2021
Luiza Mutoshvili on air

Luiza Mutoshvili is one of the brightest young leaders in Pankisi Gorge. She has often acted as a spokesperson for the people of Pankisi Gorge, appearing on national television and in newspapers to discuss issues relevant to the Gorge, including civic integration. 

“I have never hesitated when it comes to [speaking out against] inequality or unfair treatment of different social groups. I have always raised my voice and done as much as I could, despite the existing rules and expectations to be relatively quiet as a young woman,” Luiza says.

“A series of radio talk shows supported by the USAID Pankisi Community Links Program gave me the opportunity to break stereotypes and concentrate on the most important issues facing our community. Messages about tolerance, peace, and civic integration are now regularly broadcast from the local Pankisi Community Radio, “Radio Way.” We need to realize that some of the problems we face are generated inside our community. It is very important to discuss them publicly as much as possible in order to eliminate them.

I am so happy when I see thousands of people listen to my broadcasts, giving me more and more incentive to keep doing what I do. I hope my show will be extended even without donor support. I can tell I am growing with every broadcast. Eventually, I hope I will get full credit from all different groups of society, credit which I earned,” Luiza concludes.  

USAID’s support for Luiza, and for civic activists across the country, is part of our efforts to help the Georgian people build a more resilient, democratic, and prosperous society where members of all communities have the opportunity to contribute to the country’s development.

Last updated: August 08, 2022

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