Standing Up for Gender Equality in Georgia’s Marneuli Region

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Khanipha Aphandieva

Meet Khanipha Aphandieva, an entrepreneur, teacher, and civic activist from the village of Molaoghli in Marneuli municipality.

Khanipha is also a 25-year-old mother and an active participant  in the Mother’s School program, where she helps other mothers from her village learn Georgian language.

“A large portion of people from my village don’t know Georgian and can’t access essential services such as healthcare and banking. This was why I decided to teach Georgian to women and help them in whatever way I could,” - says Khanipha.

Khanipha works tirelessly to improve the well-being of her community. With the help of other women, she researched the needs of the community and raised funds to buy garbage cans for two villages where waste management was a big issue. 

“Like other women, I too was scared at first. I thought that nothing would come of it. There were many obstacles, but my family helped me so that I could be an example for others to become stronger.” 

Khanipha believes that women should be independent and able to earn their own income. She is certain that an active woman makes for a stronger family and a stronger  community.

“In Marneuli, women have always wanted to be active, to participate, to work, but their families and the society have stood in the way. I took on a big responsibility and slowly managed to change the mindset of our community. Now, women are much more active and independent,” Khanipha added.

Khanipha also co-owns and manages a small business. She and a group of female neighbors opened a bakery, where they employ other women from the community.

In the future, Khanipha plans to create an educational space for children with disabilities, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to receive an education.

Last updated: March 12, 2021

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