The Creatives Behind “Giraffe Joze,” Georgia’s Leading Children’s Cartoon, Share How USAID Helped Them Build a Successful Animation Studio

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021
The creative team at Studio Velocipedi, creators of Giraffe Joze.

Giraffe Joze wants to remind everyone, kids and adults, to protect themselves from COVID-19. That includes taking simple steps like wearing a mask and maintaining proper physical distancing.

Today, Giraffe Joze is one of the most recognizable figures on Georgian television, delivering friendly, fun, and educational messages to kids across the country.

“We have a popular character whom kids and parents love,” says Irakli Nadiradze, who co-created Giraffe Joze along with his friend and business partner Giorgi Marshania. “That means we have a tool in our hands that we can use for good things, for good social effects.”

Irakli and Giorgi use the program to promote education and teach kids good values. Over the past year, Giraffe Joze has also contributed to efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We saw the [USAID] ACCESS grants, so we decided to apply,” Irakli recalls. “We received a small grant. We used the funding to create some COVID-themed episodes to explain to kids what they need to be aware of [including proper hand washing].”

Giraffe Joze currently has about 200,000 subscribers on YouTube in addition to television viewers, so each episode reaches a large audience.

For Irakli and Giorgi, the creative geniuses behind Joze, getting to this point hasn’t been easy. They created Joze out of their homes back in 2012, opening a full animation studio, Studio Velocipedi, several years later.

“In 2017, we decided to register [our animation studio as] a business, and we decided to create Studio Velocipedi,” says co-founder Irakli Nadiradze.

“A year after we started, we came across the opportunity to participate in USAID’s YES-Georgia Program, and we received funding from them.”

“We used the funding to buy new computers, which were very important [to our development]. We used the funds to transform our studio from an early startup to a more established company.”

Now Studio Velocipedi is thriving, and Giraffe Joze is a part of the family in households across Georgia.

USAID is proud to support Irakli and Giorgi, and other creative professionals across Georgia, who are using their talent and enthusiasm to find innovative solutions to development challenges. 

Last updated: September 08, 2021

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