Civic Activists Fight for Clean Air

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Friday, March 12, 2021
Giorgi Arevadze

Meet Giorgi Arevadze – a 27-year-old architect and civic activist from Rustavi.

Giorgi believes that architecture is an inseparable part of the environment and has a major impact on our quality of life. He strives to use his knowledge of architecture to improve urban planning and find solutions to the environmental issues facing Rustavi.

“It is important for me to use my knowledge to benefit others. I always try to be involved in activities where my expertise is essential because I want a better environment than the one my city currently has; the city where I live and am in contact with every day” – says Giorgi.

To improve the environmental situation in Rustavi, Giorgi developed a concept for rehabilitating a three-hectare public square into a municipal park. With the help of concerned citizens, he successfully lobbied the Rustavi Mayor’s Office to carry out the project.

“I am 27 years old, and for 27 years this square has undergone no rehabilitation. I decided to fight for clean air so that the square wouldn’t be destroyed and so that the city could have a recreational zone”.

The renovated park will be an important source of oxygen for the city and, by July 2021, it will have spaces designated for exercise, recreation, and dog walking.

“Due to thoughtless overbuilding, this area does not produce oxygen, which is why the architectural concept focuses on making the park greener. The square will have an irrigation system to ensure the trees are watered regularly. We want to make sure that the plants don’t dry up and instead can generate more oxygen in the city” – says Giorgi.

For Giorgi, it is important that more people get involved in civic activism and that the citizens’ voices are heard, which is why he actively supports the environmental movement in Rustavi called “Gavigudet” (“We are suffocating”).

Giorgi also contributes to efforts to require factories to adopt environmentally- safe practices, including systems for filtering emissions and ensuring healthy working environment for employees.


Last updated: November 16, 2021

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