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A clean and healthy environment is important not only to protect natural resources for future generations, but also for the health, agricultural livelihoods, and employment opportunities of Georgians today. USAID’s programs support environmental education and the sound management and protection of Georgia’s natural endowments to ensure the longevity and sustainable use of its forests, lands, and water systems mitigating impact on our global climate. 

Current programs:


Waste Management Technologies in Regions Phase II (WMTR - II)
Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)                                             
WMTR aims to improve policy development and strategic planning related to waste management at national and local levels in Georgia; enhance the capacity of targeted municipalities to establish and sustainably manage waste facilities and services; and support the development of Georgia’s recycling sector.  The program develops remediation plans for old and illegal landfills,  improving the management of thousands of hectares of biologically rich areas.  The activity helps reduce  environmental pollution, improve sanitation and human health, and increase the quality and quantity of recycled products.


USAID National Parks and Ecotourism (NPE) Program
Sep 2019 ‐ Sep 2024
The Department of Interior (DOI)
The U.S. Department of the Interior’s International Technical Assistance Program (DOI‐ITAP) supports Georgia's efforts to preserve and protect parks for current and future generations while generating economic opportunities for stakeholders. (DOI‐ITAP) provides technical assistance and training to improve organizational capacity, tourism, and economic development in Georgia.


Last updated: April 28, 2020

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