Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluating GBV Interventions Along the Relief to Development Continuum - Introduction and Section 1

Speeches Shim

The four main sections of the Toolkit will guide program managers on how to conduct M&E of GBV- specific programming along the RDC. You can use the Toolkit in its entirety from start to finish, or by adapting specific sections as needed.

Each section of the Toolkit is divided into parts; each part discusses the following information: • A brief and general overview of key M&E concepts. • Key considerations for the M&E of GBV interventions, including:

  • GBV-and context-specific guidance
  • Examples from the field
  • Brief guidance and explanation of accompanying tools (see annexes)
  • Considerations and specific challenges, solutions, and opportunities for conducting M&E along the RDC.

Accompanying tools are included in annexes with examples and explanations on how to use the tools and additional resources. Although some of the tools are basic M&E tools (such as a Logical Framework Matrix), they include specific guidance and examples on how to use them for GBV-specific programming.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 11:15am

Last updated: June 05, 2014