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The international non-profit organization Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) is implementing a five-year USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program in Southern Africa, including Angola, Malawi and Mozambique.

USAID’s Creating Sustainable Community Water, Sanitation & Hygiene project improves community-managed water and sanitation facilities. The project encourages the adoption of hygiene practices to reduce waterborne diseases in Songo Municipality, Uige Province. It is better known in this region of Angola in the Kikongo dialect as Maza yi Moyo - Water is Life!

USAID’s Community-Managed Water and Sanitation project improves water governance. Through a system of community water management activities, we help ensure affordability of water for consumers and the maintenance of water infrastructures. An important component of this system is creation and empowerment of community water and sanitation management structures through social mobilization. We also assist local administrations to plan and implement the system in their jurisdiction.

Many of Angola’s small- and medium-sized enterprises in the health, agriculture, education, tourism and manufacturing sectors, lack access to private capital to grow their businesses. This leads to weak economic growth.

Heavy rains in March 2015 displaced approximately 10,000 people whose homes were washed away in the deluge, killing more than 100.  Inresponse, the Ministry of Petroleum reached out to Association of Oil Exploration Companies in Angola (ACEPA) member companies for assistance.  Twelve companies pooled a combined $1.2 million to support the development of a new community on safer ground, the 11 de Marco neighborhoods in Cabrais, Catumbela Municipality

Проект «Инициативная молодежь», финансируемый USAID, нацелен на повышение экономической занятости и гражданского участия молодежи в Кыргызской Республике.

USAID тарабынан каржыланган «Демилгелүү жаштар» долбоору Кыргызстандын жаштарынын экономикалык ишмердүүлүгүн жана жарандык активдүүлүгүн жогорулатууну көздөйт.

The project promotes more active and positive engagement of youth in civic, social, and economic life, to help develop their families and communities.

Ampla Saude increases the use of priority health services, like primary health care, through improved governance and financing systems in the sector. This activity provides technical support in the design, implementation, and monitoring of the Government of the Republic of Angola’s National Health Development Plan 2012-2025. The plan includes budgeting for 47 projects across the health sector.

USAID Digital Liberia e-Gov Activity aims to improve government’s performance and bring government closer to citizens by assisting it to develop its internet and computer technology capability. It will do this by providing technical assistance to help improve the connectivity and institutional capacity necessary to provide effective services.


Last updated: March 18, 2018

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