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We want to hear it! We are always looking for talented people—especially students, researchers, faculty and their partners— who are pioneering inspiring approaches to international development.

 If you are interested in working on the front lines on some of the most pressing global challenges of our times–poverty, hunger, injustice, disease, environmental degradation, and climate change – then USAID is a great place to put your skills, education, and expertise to use.

The international development landscape is changing to include many more participants, “solution holders,” and willing collaborators than ever before.  We see our role increasingly as a thought leader and facilitator of global efforts to address development challenges. Through a variety of initiatives, we challenge you  to find solutions to the largest solvable problems that hold back progress for individuals and communities in the developing world. 

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Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) Staged Financing Model
  • Grand Challenges and Prizes
  • USAID Research and Innovation Fellowships aims to build a sustainable model for knowledge exchange by connecting bright American minds with key in-country organizations, to collaboratively apply science, technology, and innovation to complex development challenges.
  • Saving Lives at Birth: Calls on the brightest minds across the globe to identify and scale up transformative prevention and treatment approaches for pregnant women and newborns around the time of birth
  • All Children Reading: Seeks ground-breaking solutions that offer scalable and cost-effective innovations to address critical needs for improving teaching and learning materials as well as the quality of education data. 
  • Powering Agriculture: Encourages the development of new clean energy technologies, support the growth of businesses which work at the nexus of clean energy and agriculture.
  • Development Innovation Ventures: Be a part of the breakthrough solutions to solve our most important development challenges—interventions with the power to change millions of lives at a fraction of the usual cost.
  • LAUNCH: Join USAID, NIKE, the State Department and NASA as they work to identify world‐class ideas, technologies, or programs whose transformative potential has  great promise for achieving significant impact within the defined sustainability area.  
  • Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) Science: A competitive grants program that invites scientists in developing countries to apply for funds to support research and capacity-building activities on topics of importance to USAID.
  • Presidential Innovation Fellowship: Combining the ingenuity of leading problem solvers from across America with federal innovators to tackle projects that aim to fuel job creation, save taxpayers money,  and improve the lives of Americans in tangible ways. Meet the USAID Fellows.

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Last updated: October 31, 2013

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