Today, Vice President Harris announced new USAID initiatives to help the people of Honduras fight COVID-19 and find hope and opportunity in their home communities. 

Additional funding to combat COVID-19

  • As part of USAID’s $48 million commitment to help Honduras fight COVID-19, USAID is providing an additional $500,000 under the American Rescue Plan Act to promote delivery of and widespread and equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations. Specifically, USAID will promote transparency and accountability in government COVID-19 efforts, strengthen vaccine information systems, increase data availability and use, and address issues of vaccine hesitancy and misinformation in vulnerable communities. These funds will help turn vaccines into vaccinations, including the 3.9 million doses already donated by the U.S. and several hundred thousand additional doses arriving in the next two months. USAID is also providing more than 500,000 pediatric syringes to enable the start of vaccinations for Honduran children.

Community Empowerment: $1.35 million toward infrastructure revitalization 

  • USAID will provide more than $1.35 million to support the construction and refurbishment of schools, health facilities, and youth outreach centers. This assistance will consist of 20 small infrastructure activities in partnership with the government of Honduras to provide equitable access to medical services and educational opportunities.

  • USAID will support a safe return to school by mobilizing community and youth volunteers to support the reopening of schools; providing online training to teachers and school officials to prepare them to return to classrooms; and leading a radio, tv, and social media enrollment campaign. 

These new initiatives are part of USAID’s robust, long-term strategy to address the root causes of irregular migration from Honduras. USAID is committed to finding bold and innovative approaches that expand hope and opportunity for all Hondurans.