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Ethiopia Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2011 - 2018
Our Ethiopia Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) builds on the Government of Ethiopia's Growth and Transformation Plan with a concerted investment strategy that not only aims to help Ethiopia achieve its development goals, but furthers U.S. trade and investment aims with the most strategically important partner in the region.


Ethiopia Early Grade Reading Assessment 2014 [PDF, 5 MB]

Ethiopia Early Grade Reading Assessment 2010 [PDF, 5 MB]


Power Africa 2018 Annual Report

Feed the Future

Feed the Future Ethiopia Country Strategy: 2019-2023 [PDF, 5MB]

Agriculture Knowledge, Learning, Documentation and Policy Project 2016 Annual Report [PDF, 4 MB]

Protection of Pastoralists' Land Rights: Lessons From the International Experience [PDF, 538 KB]

Towards Improved Transactions of Land Use Rights in Ethiopia [PDF, 428 KB]

Livestock Market Development: End Market Analysis [PDF, 2 MB]


Empowering Women in Ethiopia [PDF, 290 KB]


Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey 2016 [PDF, 3 MB]

Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey 2011 [PDF, 3 MB]


Resilience in Action: Changing Horizons in Ethiopia's Drylands [PDF, 6 MB]

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

USAID Annual Global Water and Development Report 2017

USAID Global Policy and Strategy Papers

USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy 2014-2025 [PDF, 1 MB]

U.S. Government Global Water Strategy 2017 [PDF, 2 MB]

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