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Noviembre 4, 2016

USAID’s SolucionES project brings together five leading Salvadoran non-profit organizations that have formed an alliance to prevent crime and violence.  The project receives $20 million from USAID and will leverage an additional $22 million mainly from private businesses during a five-year period for a total contribution of $42 million for crime and violence prevention in El Salvador.

Noviembre 4, 2016

USAID’s $21.4 million Justice Sector Strengthening Project helps reduce impunity through support for criminal justice reform, promotion of judicial transparency, and enhancement of citizen participation in judicial reform efforts.  Strengthening the capacity, efficiency and accountability of the judicial system supports USAID efforts in the area of security.

Noviembre 4, 2016

The Adopt-A-School Program is a public-private alliance that helps improve teacher competency and school infrastructure in public schools in El Salvador. By matching the financial contributions of private sector partners, who wish to “adopt”a school to improve education in the public school system, USAID helps strengthen the quality of education for children and youth.

mayo 17, 2016

Estrategia de Cooperación para el Desarrollo Regional 2015-2019 Centroamérica y México

Octubre 6, 2015

El Salvador is the third largest economy in Central America, and the most densely populated, with 6.2 million mainly urban inhabitants.

In the years following the end of the civil war in 1992, El Salvador made significant democratic advances, including successive free and fair elections.

While the democratic transition has been accompanied by significant, social and economic progress and social indicators such as infant mortality rates and literacy have improved, poverty and inequality of opportunity have increased as problems.


Last updated: August 21, 2017

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