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julio 9, 2019

USAID’s Government Integrity Project works in partnership with key Salvadoran government institutions and civil society organizations to improve government transparency and accountability.  The project promotes citizen oversight and monitoring of public resources to reduce opportunities for corruption.

julio 9, 2019

USAID is supporting El Salvador’s national security plan to make communities safer and provide youth with alternatives to gangs and illegal immigration.  The project works with the Salvadoran government, local authorities, community and church organizations, and business leaders, in taking effective actions to reduce crime and violence in urban areas with high crime and high out-migration.

USAID has reached 64 municipalities, including 31 high crime municipalities prioritized under El Salvador’s security plan, to address the specific problems in these municipalities.

julio 9, 2019

The Rights and Dignity project strengthens governmental and non-governmental human rights protection systems for a more tolerant, just, and equitable El Salvador, where Salvadorans believe they can have a better life without migrating.

julio 9, 2019

The Protection and Quality of Care for Children Project addresses the rights and needs of El Salvador’s most vulnerable children by strengthening the national child protection system and improving quality of care for all children.

julio 9, 2019

The Juvenile Justice System Strengthening Project promotes alternative sentencing within the juvenile justice system and helps keep youth from becoming repeat offenders or attempting to illegally immigrate.


Last updated: July 17, 2019

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