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USAID’s Domestic Resource Mobilization Project helps increase tax revenue, generate new domestic revenue, improve budgeting and spending practices, and increase fiscal transparency through public dialogue. Through an efficient, transparent tax system, USAID helps El Salvador increase its own resources for security, education and social services to reduce illegal immigration.


USAID’s Cacao Alliance with The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Catholic Relief Services (CRS), provides assistance to approximately 6,500 small-scale farmers to help reactivate cacao production and exports in El Salvador that will increase incomes and jobs to reduce illegal immigration.


Salvadoran youth living in municipalities with high crime rates are two times more likely to be unemployed, a major driver of illegal immigration.  Successfully integrating these youth into the workforce as fully qualified and productive citizens helps boost the economy, lower crime, and reduce illegal immigration.


USAID Economic Competitiveness Project partners with the Salvadoran government and the private business sector to generate economic growth, create jobs, stimulate innovation, and catalyze policy reform that contributes to economic prosperity and security to reduce illegal immigration.

USAID supports the creation of new economic opportunities by expanding exports, diversifying products, facilitating entrance to new markets, and strengthening services for micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs).


The Education and Coexistence project is a Global Development Alliance (public-private partnership) with the Salvadoran Business Foundation for Educational Development (FEPADE) to leverage private sector support for safe schools and communities for crime prevention and to reduce illegal migration to the United States.


Last updated: July 17, 2019

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