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The Bureau for Global Health (GH) is committed to enhancing the quality, availability, and provision of health services around the world. However, our programs cannot reach their full potential if we do not consider the impacts of our activities on the environment. Per 22 CFR 216 and USAID Automated Directives System, Chapter 204 (ADS 204), USAID is responsible for ensuring that environmental considerations, requirements and, values are integrated into its program design processes. To assist with this for global health projects, GH has developed the Environmental Management Portal, which includes technical guidance for the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) process, 22 CFR 216 document templates, training resources, and other important tools.

Implementing Partners and other non-USAID staff may request access to the Portal by sending an email to ghcompliancesupport@usaid.gov. The GH Environmental Support Team will process your request in a timely manner, and you should receive a confirmation email once you have been granted access by the GH Bureau Environmental Officer.

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Last updated: June 15, 2020

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