2-Day USAID Staff Environmental Procedures

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This 2-day classroom training surveys key aspects of environmental compliance and the underlying impact assessment process for all USAID-funded projects and activities. Geared to USAID staff roles and responsibilities, it emphasizes Agency-internal procedures and documentation, including requirements for pre-implementation environmental review per 22 CFR 216 and for climate risk management.

The training includes exercises and a virtual field visit to help participants understand the importance and practicality of factoring environmental analysis into activity design and management. Several special topics address environmental compliance and management in complex programming areas, such as construction, health, and water provision.

This training is regularly delivered for new personnel in Washington, DC, but is appropriate for any staff setting, including missions. The below materials include speaker’s notes, handouts and other resources to facilitate training delivery.

Target Audience USAID staff
Length 2 days

Basic instruction in Agency Environmental Procedures and compliance, and the principles of impact assessment and environmentally sound project design and implementation.

Also, the preparation of mandatory environmental review documents and establishing mitigation and monitoring criteria to strengthen development outcomes.

Field Visits Two virtual field visit options with multiple, interlinked practical exercises

Workshop Materials

The materials listed below are used and distributed at the workshop.

Sourcebook Production

Introductions and Workshop Overview

Session 1: Intro to USAID’s Environmental Procedures & Why Environmental Compliance Matters

Session 2: Fundamental Concepts of Environmental Impact Assessment

Session 2a: EIA Exercise (Impacts of concern/significance)

Session 3: Regulation 216: Process and Documentation

Session 3a: IEE Prep Exercise

Session 4: Impact Assessment World Café

Session 5: Environmental Review: Scoping Statement and Environmental Assessments

Session 6: Presentation & Exercise: How to Think Like an Impact Assessor

Session 7: Integrating Climate Change Into Environmental Compliance

Session 7a: Exercise: Climate Risk Management Summary Table

Session 8: Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring

Session 8a: Exercise: EMMP Reporting and Verification

Session 9: Environmental Compliance in Solicitations and Awards

Session 10: Special Topic: Infrastructure

Session 11: Special Topic: Water Provision

Session 12: Special Topic: Medical Waster

Session 13: Environmental Compliance Jeopardy

  • Jeopardy Game (Additional instructions forthcoming) PDF (495 KB)

Session 14: Workshop Evaluation & Wrap Up

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