Institutionalizing Environmental Capacity (2006)

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The previous chapter introduced mitigation strategies that MSEs can use to control their environmental impacts. Here we will address the challenges facing credit and BDS providers in effectively reviewing MSE activities for compliance with USAID regulations, as well as improving the overall environmental and economic performance of MSEs.

This chapter will help providers understand how to (1) develop a screening process to identify potentially damaging enterprises, (2) identify adverse environmental impacts of those enterprises, and (3) find opportunities for them to mitigate these impacts using the Cleaner Production (CP) approach (see chapter 2).

This section also discusses different aspects of implementing these guidelines that may be critical to success. These include suggestions and tools for

  • integrating environmental considerations into normal operating procedures,
  • procuring environmental commitments from MSEs,
  • customizing the guidelines,
  • working with partners who may be able to help implement and customize the guidelines, and
  • providing training both for BDS/credit staff and for their client MSEs.
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