This page provides summaries with access to full text of US Presidential Executive Orders that establish environmental review requirements for certain USAID programming and/or establish related programming mandates.

Executive Order 12114

Environmental effects abroad of major federal actions. Requires that US government agencies (including USAID) undertaking activities/projects in foreign countries develop procedures to, in effect, comply with the spirit of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA requires an environmental impact assessment (EIA) process for US government projects.

Executive Order 13089

Coral Reef Protection. Directs all Federal agencies whose actions may affect U.S. coral reef systems to ensure that any activities they authorize, fund, or carry out will not degrade the conditions of such ecosystems.

Executive Order 13112

Invasive Species. Mandates that any Federal agency whose actions may affect the status of invasive species not authorize, fund, or carry out any action that it believes is likely to cause or promote the introduction or spread of invasive species in the United States.

Executive Order 13158

Marine Protected Areas. Creates a national system of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and requires each Federal agency whose actions affect natural or cultural resources within an MPA to identify such actions and, to the maximum extent practicable, avoid harm to those natural and cultural resources.