Robust compliance with USAID’s environmental procedures over life of the program cycle safeguards people and resources by systematically addressing environmental risk and thereby advances developing countries’ journeys to self-reliance.

USAID developed the ECOS contract to provide USAID worldwide with technical, educational, and knowledge management assistance to facilitate compliance with 22 CFR 216, Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) Sections 117/118/119, regulatory requirements, and executive order and policy objectives.

This single, Agency-wide contract offers a consistent, quality approach to environmental compliance across the Agency. It is intended to minimize duplication of systems and efforts, facilitate the sharing of lessons learned, reduce compliance risks, provide training, facilitate capacity building, and reduce transaction costs of operating units (OUs) (i.e., Missions and Bureaus) that seek access to environmental compliance and related services.

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Download the ECOS factsheet.

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