Engendering Industries Resources and Tools

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  • Guide

    Integrating Gender into Workplace Policies

    This guide supports companies, organizations, and government agencies to create and implement policies that improve gender equality in the workplace. Read the guide

  • Guide

    Developing a Business Case for Gender Equality

    A business case is critical for achieving buy-in and strategic action from all staff, serving as the “guiding light” so stakeholders know how actions contribute to business outcomes. Read the guide

  • Guide

    Change Management Coaching for Gender Equality

    This guide helps change management coaches support organizations to adapt, create, and implement gender-equitable policies and practices at each phase of the employee life cycle. Read the guide

  • Guide

    Organizational Goal Setting for Gender Equality

    This guide supports workplace managers and staff to set and make progress towards their organizational gender equality, diversity, and inclusion goals. Read the guide

  • Guide

    Setting Strategic Gender Equality Targets

    This guide helps organizations prioritize actions and measure progress toward gender-equality at time-bound intervals. Read the guide

  • Video

    Gender 101 Training

    This video provides USAID partners with an introduction to the gender equality fundamentals, concepts, and terms needed to advance gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Watch the video

  • Presentation

    Engendering Industries: An Overview

    This presentation provides a brief overview of the program, its activities and results. View the presentation

  • Fact Sheet

    Engendering Industries Program Results

    Program partners have implemented nearly 450 actions and interventions to increase gender equality in their organizations, and report tangible improvements in business performance as a result. Read the fact sheet

  • Toolkit

    Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated Industries

    This framework provides the practical resources organizations need to increase gender equality across their corporate structure. View the toolkit

Last updated: June 15, 2022

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