Rapid Organizational Assessment Guidance Document

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Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program

This assessment will help to identify your organization’s main gender gaps so we may adapt the program to your needs and better support your future gender interventions.

The Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program prepares managers to become agents of change within their organizations. This Rapid Organizational Assessment is to be completed by all selected program participants together in order to assess the organization’s main gender gaps and help us adapt the program to your needs and better support and evaluate your future gender interventions prior to the start of the program. In order to complete this assessment, it may require some work with other teams including human resources management. The estimated time to complete is 4-6 hours. If you have any questions about the organizational assessment process or tools please contact: Gender.Accelerated@tetratech.com

The Rapid Organizational Assessment covers five (5) thematic areas and will be completed using an online form. 1. Policies, 2. Best Practices, 3. Staff Composition and Human Resources, and 4. Broad Organizational Strategies and 5. Gender Equality Roadmap Assessment

Data gathered will be reviewed by the Program Facilitator and Engendering Industries team and discussed as part of the Accelerated Program in order to help: 1. Identify gender equality gaps within the organization to support the strategic development of activities; 2. Support participants to develop a business case that demonstrates how gender equality will benefit the organization’s bottom-line; 3. Measure change and results with a repeated assessment following program completion and activity implementation.

This Rapid Organizational Assessment should be completed by all participants together to facilitate group learning and collaboration and may require some work with other teams including human resources management.

Aggregate data will be shared with program participants, but individual company-level information gathered as part of this assessment will not be shared with anyone other than the program facilitator and implementing team without the expressed permission of the program participant.

ENGENDERING INDUSTRIES PROGRAM – The Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program is a leadership program that develops the skills and tools needed to increase gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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Launched in 2015, USAID’s Engendering Industries program supports organizations in developing countries to increase economic opportunities for women and improve gender equality in the workplace. Expanding women’s participation in male-dominated sectors leads to tangible economic empowerment outcomes for women, such as formal employment opportunities and higher income. Increased gender equality also improves an organization’s business performance, helping companies meet their bottom-line by enhancing employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, and driving productivity. Well-functioning organizations are also vital in supporting stronger and more resilient economies. Through a customized best practices framework, demand-driven coaching, and a Gender Equity Executive Leadership Program, Engendering Industries builds the capacity of leaders to implement gender equality interventions that increase the professional participation of women and improve business performance.

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