Utility Reform Stories and Lessons Learned

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Electricity sector reform and utility commercialization is a complicated process, involving numerous actors, approaches, and technologies that can help electric utilities work toward operational, service, or financial goals. The following case studies highlight successful utility turnaround programs, focusing on what made them successful, and lessons learned from their reform process. Click on the links below to read a more detailed overview of the country’s sector reform story.

Uganda – Transition to private concession improves service quality, drives changes in customer behavior.

Jordan – Sector unbundling creates opening for private producers to expand and diversify generation to meet growing demands.

Georgia – Two stages of reform over 20 years drastically transformed the Georgian electricity sector.

India – Strong political will, private management, and loss prioritization methods result in operational improvements and large, sustained loss reduction.

Nigeria  – Transition from government-owned, vertically-integrated sector to privatized, wholesale market by targeting loss reduction.


Last updated: August 13, 2021

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