Energy Audit Reporting Worksheets

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These worksheets help users document and organize energy usage in an off-grid health facility.

This spreadsheet is designed to be used with USAID’s Energy Audit Guide for Specifying Energy Systems in Off-Grid Health Facilities by energy experts and procurement officers analyzing the energy use in off-grid health facilities. It helps users organize and store the results of an energy audit in an easily accessible format that can later support the installation of an on-site power system.

This Microsoft Excel file contains ten worksheets that store data from different activities that are conducted during an energy audit of an off-grid health facility. Specific worksheets allow users to record detailed notes on equipment and activities that use different forms of energy across the facility, such as lighting, medical appliances, heating, information and communications technology, refrigeration, water pumping and purification, cooking, and sterilization . There are separate sheets to account for electric and non-electric energy use so that the energy auditor and energy system designer can examine every facility-related activity and identify the optimal way to power all of the facility’s current and future energy needs. The file also includes a summary checklist to ensure that all critical data-gathering activities are addressed.

Thursday, June 18, 2020 - 8:00am

Last updated: June 18, 2020