Tools for Grid Integration of Renewable Energy

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A Renewable Energy Pioneer

Lessons Learned for Utilities around the Globe

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Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Revolution

Advances in technology have made solar photovoltaic and wind power the most logical and cost-effective energy options for many communities around the world. Pioneers like Hawaii have proven that renewables can replace fossil fuels as base load power, and in the process, they’ve discovered that the transition to renewables requires a fundamental shift in the way they do business. Utilities around the globe can learn important lessons from Hawaii’s shift away from traditional fossil fuel imports.

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Three Tools from the Hawaii Success Story

“We do not have indigenous fossil fuels in Hawaii so historically we have always imported fossil fuels, primarily oils… Several years ago we committed ourselves to transforming that with a significant amount of clean energy…

We are well on our way… and its challenges are many fold. They are economic and operational. They require transformation of how we conduct our business on a day-to-day basis.”

—Dan Giovanni, Hawaiian Electric

Explore the resources below to learn about grid modernization, demand response and policy best practices.

Grid Modernization

Flexibility in the Power System

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“What our plans really do is they take the current state of the system and they develop a step by step plan that will deliver in 2030 these very lofty goals of very high levels of renewable energy…without compromising service or reliability and at the same time driving our costs down for our customers.”

—Dan Giovanni, Hawaiian Electric

Demand Response

A Powerful Tool to Manage Peak Load

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“The current state of the technology in the industry is based on primarily a one-way flow of information between the utility to customers. We have had very little visibility in terms of how customers respond in real time.”

—Earl Ifuku, Hawaiian Electric

Policy Best Practices

The New Energy Paradigm

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Last updated: January 22, 2016

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