Grid Integration of Renewable Energy

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A Renewable Energy Revolution

The Rise of Renewable Energy and Lessons Learned for Utilities around the Globe

Photo: Sarah Fretwell/USAID

Replacing Fossil Fuels as Base Load Power

Clean energy pioneers like Hawaii have proven that renewables can replace fossil fuels as base load power, but the transition requires changes in how utilities do business.

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Leaping Ahead

Drawing on the Hawaii experience, developing countries are leapfrogging the developed world in the pursuit of renewable energy, expanding energy access to millions of people around the globe. Along the way, they are helping to reinvent the electric grid and sharing lessons learned through innovative information exchanges facilitated by USAID.

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Follow the features below to see the story of a successful Hawaii–Indonesia partnership and to learn about three tools from Hawaii’s transition to 100 percent renewables.


Last updated: January 26, 2016

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