Engendering Utilities

Strengthening Utilities through Gender Equality Initiatives

“Ensuring that women have the tools and the opportunities that they needwill lead to a powerful wave of innovation and economic energy.”

– Mark Green, USAID Administrator

Expanding women’s participation in the traditionally male-dominated energy and water sectors leads to tangible economic empowerment outcomes, and can help utilities meet their bottom-line goals. Well-functioning utilities create stronger and more resilient sectors that are critical for economic growth and promoting a path to self-reliance.

  • Toolkit

    Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Utilities

    A toolkit for utilities to identify gaps, define objectives and establish a road map for sustained progress in integrating gender equality throughout their operations and corporate structures. View the toolkit

  • Fact Sheet

    Engendering Utilities: Strengthening Utilities through Gender Equality Initiatives

    USAID’s Engendering Utilities program works with electricity and water utilities in developing countries to increase economic opportunities for women and improve gender equality in the workplace. Read the fact sheet

Our Approach

  1. Conduct Groundbreaking Research on Gender Disparity in the Energy and Water Sectors
  2. Partner with Utilities to Increase Gender Equality, Create Leadership Opportunities and Develop Talent
  3. Reform the Human Resources Life Cycle to Solidify Long-term Organizational Change

As a result of Engendering Utilities’ innovative approach, partner utilities have significantly expanded their talent pools for recruitment and diversified their organizations.

  • Featured Story

    Female Perspectives Raise Revenue for Indian Power Utility

    Partner utility BSES Rajdhani Power Limited in India deploys female field staff to improve community relations, reduce electricity theft and illegal connections, and increase revenue. Read the story

  • Featured Story

    Partnering with Indian Utilities to Deliver Gender Equality

    USAID has partnered with BSES Rajdhani and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited to strengthen women’s participation in India’s energy sector. Read the story

Our Partners

The strength of the Engendering Utilities program is in its collaborative approach. USAID is proud to be adding new partners to our ongoing work with 29 utilities in 21 countries committed to overcoming gender inequality in the power and water sectors, and Georgetown University who is committed to helping build the next generation of energy and water sector leaders.

Last updated: September 23, 2020

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