Program Fact Sheet

This global initiative provides technical resources and expert advice to USAID partner countries in advancing energy efficiency strategies and achieving more resilient and sustainable economic development.

Energy efficiency is a critical tool for financial viability and energy security as energy demand and the pursuit of clean energy options continue to intensify in emerging markets.

USAID’s Energy Efficiency for Development (EE4D) program provides technical assistance to USAID partner countries to scale up clean energy and energy efficiency rapidly and effectively. USAID partners with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to provide technical assistance to energy system planners, regulators, and utility managers in partner countries to overcome challenges associated with implementing energy efficiency programs. Berkeley Lab works with local stakeholders to identify areas of greatest opportunity, gaps, and barriers in order to better integrate energy efficiency as a resource for sustainable development.

USAID provides services through the EE4D program in countries where achieving large-scale energy efficiency market transformation is a priority for energy resilience, economic growth, and environmental goals. Through EE4D, USAID promotes key Energy Efficiency Building Blocks that create markets for and lower barriers to adoption of energy efficient technologies at a cost that is accessible to citizens and businesses, and provides a strong return on investment. Expected results include reduced public expenditure in generation capacity, reduced public subsidies for the power sector, reduced energy imports, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved air quality, increased access to energy services by low-income populations, and net economic benefits.