For over four decades, the American people have partnered with the people of Egypt to build a globally competitive economy for the benefit of all Egyptians. Through investments totaling over $30 billion since 1978, USAID has changed the trajectory of Egypt’s modern development. USAID programs brought clean water and wastewater services to 25 million Egyptians, eliminated polio, reduced child mortality by 80% and maternal mortality by 78%, built 2,000 schools, expanded electricity and telecomms across the country, and created hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Today, USAID’s programs in economic growth, education, health, and governance advance a peaceful and prosperous Egypt in support of Egypt’s Vision 2030. Our programs are giving future generations the skills to succeed and providing opportunities for Egypt’s large youth population as it enters higher education and the workforce. USAID is improving agriculture productivity, water and wastewater services, and increasing job and business opportunities. We seek to enhance the contributions of government officials, civil society, communities, and individuals to build and strengthen institutions that meet the political and economic needs of the Egyptian people. USAID continues to support Egypt’s private sector, government, and youth to combat climate change. Central to all of USAID’s work is empowering women and girls to succeed at work, at school, at home, and in their communities.


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USAID/Egypt Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2020-2025

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