91-17: Project Management Specialist - Office of Education & Health

Position Title:                        Project Management Speialist 
Position Number:                  91-17
Duration:                               One year with options to renew
Organization:                         USAID/Office of Education & Health
Salary Potential:                    FSN-11
Application Deadline:           January 9, 2018
Salary Range for a Fully Qualified Candidate: Starts at LE 296,822.00 (This is the Gross Annual Salary before deducting Taxes)


The incumbent serves as a Project Management Specialist (Senior Higher Education and Science and Technology Specialist) in the Office of Education and Health (OEH). The incumbent is the Agreement Officer Representative (AOR) and the Mission’s Project Manager for complex programs in higher education and science and technology. The incumbent is responsible for designing, planning, budgeting, implementing, managing, monitoring, and evaluating projects aimed at delivering graduate scholarship to Egyptian professionals and awarding research grants in science and technology. The incumbent represents USAID in host government meetings.

The incumbent provides a full range of substantive research, analysis, evaluation, advising and problem solving, reporting and liaison service required for the implementation of project activities. The incumbent advises Chief of Parties and government implementing partners and managers in finding solutions, provides technical guidance and gives administrative and technical approval for payments and acceptance of project documents.  The incumbent engages in direct negotiation with the GOE senior level officials on design or programmatic matters as it relates to project implementation, funding, new programs, scholarships, and science and technology related research. Receives invoices for payment, work plans and budgets, quarterly and annual reports, monitors activity, and evaluates activity implementation.  The incumbent submits data and written responses for operational plans, portfolio review, briefers, meeting talking points, or other USAID reporting requirements and tracks performance against established indicators and work plans.

Also, the incumbent prepares and develops concept paper, scopes of work, independent government cost estimates/budgets for new designs.  The incumbent in consultation with GOE and Department of State forms and chairs technical evaluation committees analyzing applications and evaluate offeror’s proposals.  Through this process, the incumbent develops recommendations to the Agreement Officer or advises the Office Director on the selection of applicants or institutions based on their suitability and responsiveness of their proposed technical intervention, as well as their ability to successfully implement a particular project.

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Monday, December 18, 2017 - 10:15am

Last updated: December 19, 2017