In November 2020, OMB issued memorandum M-21-07, "Completing the Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)," which outlines the Federal government's strategic intent "to deliver its information services, operate its networks, and access the services of others using only IPv6."

To meet the requirements as outlined in M-21-07, by Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 all new USAID information systems must be IPv6-enabled at the time of deployment. It is also the strategic intent of USAID to phase out the use of IPv4 for all current USAID systems as soon as practical, to include at least 80% of IP-enabled assets on USID networks operating in IPv6-only environments by the end of FY 2025.

Partial revisions to ADS Chapter 549, Telecommunications Management and ADS Chapter 509, Management and Oversight of Agency Information Technology Resources add policy that provides guidance to Bureaus, Independent Offices, and Missions on USAID’s operational deployment and use of IPv6.