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September 30, 2019

Ecuador hosts increasing numbers of Venezuelans sheltering from the ongoing political and economic crisis in Venezuela, as well as refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing violence in Colombia. Many of these communities remain in need of food assistance.  


  • The ongoing Venezuela regional crisis has resulted in increasing numbers of Venezuelans seeking assistance in Ecuador. As of September 2019, more than 330,000 Venezuelans were estimated to be sheltering in Ecuador, many of whom were in need of food, health and nutrition assistance, according to the Government of Ecuador (GoE) and relief actors.
  • More than 950,000 Venezuelans entered Ecuador in 2018, the majority of whom transited through Ecuador to other South American countries, including Peru and Chile, GoE officials report. Various immigration restrictions imposed by countries around the region in response to the influx of Venezuelans continue to impact migration flows in Ecuador, resulting in increasing numbers of Venezuelans sheltering in Ecuador.
  • In addition, Colombians fleeing ongoing violence in Colombia continue to seek assistance in Ecuador. As of late 2018, an estimated 60,000 Colombians were sheltering in the country, many of whom were vulnerable and in need of assistance, according to relief actors.
  • Ecuador also remains prone to natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, droughts and volcanic eruptions, which can exacerbate food insecurity in the country.


  • USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP) partners with the UN World Food Program (WFP) in Ecuador to respond to needs resulting from the Venezuela regional crisis and ongoing violence in Colombia, providing emergency food assistance to Venezuelans, Colombian refugees and host community members sheltering in and transiting through Ecuador.
  • In FY 2019, FFP has supported WFP to provide food vouchers—designed to meet approximately 40 percent of household monthly food needs for six months—for nearly 324,000 newly arrived Venezuelans intending to stay in Ecuador.
  • With FFP support, WFP also provides food assistance to vulnerable Venezuelans at community canteens kitchens or temporarily residing in shelters. Additionally, FFP partners with WFP to provide one-time emergency food assistance packages to vulnerable Venezuelans waiting to enter Ecuador at migrations checkpoints in Ecuador’s Carchi and Sucumbíos provinces.

Food for Peace Contributions

Total Contributions:

  U.S. Dollars Metric Tons
Fiscal Year 2019 $23.0 million ---
Fiscal Year 2018 $8.0 million ---
Fiscal Year 2017 $2.6 million ---

* Metric tonnage does not reflect funding for vouchers or cash transfers. 

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