2021 Resurgence of Ebola in Africa

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2021 Resurgence of Ebola in Africa


On February 7, 2021, the Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) announced a confirmed case of Ebola in North Kivu Province. Separately, on February 14, 2021, the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Guinea (Guinea) confirmed an Ebola case in N’Zérékoré Prefecture.

Upon confirmation of the outbreaks, the U.S. Government implemented a forward-leaning, whole-of-government response to help quickly control and end the outbreaks, and to strengthen Ebola preparedness in seven high-risk border countries across East Africa and West Africa - République de Côte D'Ivoire, Republic of Liberia, Republic of Mali, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Senegal, Republic of Sierra Leone, and Republic of Uganda.

USAID has provided more than $11.5 million since the outbreaks began in early February 2021. Our assistance builds upon the systems put in place during the 2014-15 Ebola outbreak. This includes supporting disease surveillance, contact tracing, laboratory and diagnostics testing, and the establishment of Ebola treatment and transit centers; strengthening infection prevention and control in major health facilities, including hygiene promotion, triage and isolation; providing training to health care workers; and promoting risk communication and community engagement activities. USAID has also extended the work of humanitarian partners who participated in previous Ebola outbreaks in DRC.

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Last updated: April 16, 2021

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