Transforming Lives

Helping Sexual Violence Survivors in Burundi

In rural Giteranyi Township, Burundi, a 29-year-old schoolteacher named Rizabeti* volunteers for a local women’s group. Women come to her seeking solutions to their problems, often linked to domestic violence. Across the township, Vigitori, age 34, volunteers as a community health worker.

Transforming Gender Norms to Prevent Sexual Violence in Burundi

Manweri*, 46, works at a mine in Kabarore Township, Burundi, where he leads a team of 1,500 miners who dig for coltan, a metallic ore used in electronic products. Manweri has a wife and six children between the ages of 1 and 19.

“They keep us healthy”—Bed-nets a bonus at the antenatal and vaccination clinics

Clad in a rainbow of colors and frills, the moms spill from the waiting rooms into the corridor, holding babies who are bouncing, sleeping and crying.

Women weavers in Kitui, Kenya constructing baskets destined for Walmart.

Katchy Kollections Director Jennifer Mulli desires global recognition for her brand—Jiamini—Kiswahili for “believe in yourself.” It’s a bold goal for someone who has only been in business for three years. But given her current trajectory, Mulli may very well succeed.

A Tikur Abbay employee constructs a shoe for U.S. retailer Bass.

Because of its fine leather and commitment to top quality, Ethiopia has recently become a magnet for international retailers seeking high-end shoes. Ethiopian shoe companies offer it allfine-dress, casual and sport footwear.


Last updated: November 15, 2016

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