USAID Justice Activity in Kosovo

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USAID's Justice Activity strengthens Kosovo's justice system by applying a people-centered approach to justice. The five-year activity improves institutional capacity and provides people access to quality services and multiple means for solving justice needs and everyday legal problems. The activity also generates greater public trust in the justice system and the rule of law. The activity achieves through: Improving quality and accessibility of justice services, enhancing citizen understanding, engagement, and trust of the justice system and developing effective innovations in the justice sector.

Municipality Community Gatherings  7

Participants 145

61.33 % Albanian

23.33% Serbs

15.33% Other

Recommendations from Community Gatherings

  • Increase the level of information of citizens on available legal mechanism that could be used to realize their rights.
  • Greater information of citizens about free legal aid and services that can be obtained in this way
  • Citizens need to be better informed about their rights to access justice services and to be provided with opportunities to exercise these rights
  • Advantages of the mediation as a mean to realize property rights and other civil contests that would speed up the resolution of cases
  • Greater inter-institutional cooperation that would increase the trust of citizens in justice system Increasing the level of accountability and responsibility of justice providers
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Thursday, August 12, 2021 - 9:30am

Last updated: August 12, 2021