Transforming Teacher Education

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Transforming Teacher Education is the U.S. government’s signature higher education partnership in Zambia. This activity strengthens the capacity of Zambia’s Colleges of Education (COE) and universities to equip teachers with the tools they need to deliver high-quality instruction in reading and local language literacy. The activity will ultimately ensure teachers are better prepared to help their students thrive in the classroom.

Quality, practical pre-service teacher training is central to improving learning outcomes for children. To address critical learning gaps, the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ)’s Ministry of Education (MOE) collaborated with USAID to develop the 2014 National Literacy Framework (NLF). However, despite significant investments in classroom-level teacher training, these reforms have not been fully implemented among Zambia’s COEs. Currently, trainee teachers are deployed to work in primary schools without the necessary skills and preparation to teach effectively and, ultimately, provide children with equitable access to quality learning opportunities.

  • Life of Project: September 2020 - September 2025
  • Geographic Focus: National
  • Partners: Florida State University (prime), School-to-School International, and the University of Zambia
  • Chief of Party: Kristina Solum
  • Total USAID Funding: $15 million
  • USAID Contact: Sarah Crites -

The Transforming Teacher Education activity supports GRZ COEs and universities to prepare teachers to deliver quality primary education services and improve student learning outcomes. The partnership facilitates higher education partnerships to infuse technical and professional expertise to improve the instructional and institutional capacity among training faculty in all ten (10) GRZ COEs and two (2) universities that offer the primary teaching diploma. The activity supports qualified institutions in updating their curriculum to improve teacher training in reading instruction, deepening expertise in local language literacy and reading instruction, and enhancing their instruction to better prepare pre-service teachers for the classroom. The activity addresses a critical need for improved, evidence-based, practical training that prepares teachers for long-term success.

Expected Results

The Transforming Teacher Education activity will strengthen the capacity of Zambia’s pre-service teacher training institutions to improve student learning outcomes. This will ultimately lead to transforming the primary education system to consistently deliver positive student learning outcomes, foster lifelong functional literacy, and be sustained using purely local resources. Success will be demonstrated through improved teacher instruction that results in grade-level proficiency among pupils in pre-primary through Grade 5.

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Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 2:00am

Last updated: June 23, 2022