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The USAID Open Doors project focuses on increasing access to, and use of, comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment services for key populations in Zambia. Globally, key populations are defined as a group who, due to specific higher-risk behaviors, are at increased risk of HIV infection. USAID Open Doors targets female sex workers, men who have sex with men, injection-drug users, and transgender individuals. As a direct result of their lifestyle, key populations are frequently stigmatized and criminalized, which limits their access to HIV and other health services. 

Open Doors operates across eight districts, employing innovative social networking strategies to reach clients with lifesaving services while providing a safe and confidential environment. Engaging key populations is essential to informing project interventions and plays an important role in peer-to-peer education and service linkages. 

  • Life of Project: May 2016 - May 2021
  • Geographic Focus: Central, Copperbelt, North-Western, and Southern Provinces
  • Partner: FHI 360
  • Chief of Party: Joseph Kamanga
  • Total USAID and PEPFAR Funding: $24 million
  • USAID Contact: Ngaitila Phiri -
At their clinics and in community settings, Open Doors provides the following services:
  • Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections;
  • HIV testing, counseling, and linkage to treatment for those who test positive;
  • Family-planning consultations, condoms, and other related materials and support;
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PREP) for HIV negative clients;
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision;
  • Intimate-partner violence screening and support; and
  • Alcohol addiction and mental-health harm-reduction services.

Expected Results

Open Doors is expected to increase access and use of comprehensive HIV services by key populations. The project aims to reach over 100,000 Zambians with prevention interventions and provide HIV testing to over 80,000. In addition, USAID Open Doors will significantly increase the uptake of pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which is an important strategy for preventing HIV.

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Monday, January 25, 2021 - 3:30am

Last updated: January 25, 2021