Guidance Changes since December 22, 2018 (January 15, 2019)

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USAID’s Lapse Guidance - Changes made since December 22, 2018:

Cover Memorandum (page 1)

The following was added:

Travel - All international travel, regardless of status (whether the employee is “excepted” or “exempt”), that is expected to commence on or after January 11, 2019 must be approved by the Bureau or Independent Office Head or the Mission Director. Operating units must send a copy of the travel approval to the M/AA Tasker at This includes travel by U.S. direct hires and personal service contractors (including U.S., Foreign Service National, and Third Country National.)

Note: All in-country travel is exempt from this process.

Chapter 2

  • Updated hyperlinks to point to USAID’s external webpage ( for shutdown guidance (multiple places)
  • Added a paragraph from OPM’s guidance related to shutdown that extend beyond 30 days. (page 4)
  • A section was added for Exempt Functions and Positions (page 4 )
  • Updated section on Determination of Excepted Functions and Positions to remove the bullet related to what are “exempt” function – removed “Funded by other than FY 2018 appropriated funds: Some functions are covered by a multi- year or no-year appropriation and thus, may not be affected by the OE appropriation lapse as long as sufficient carry-over funding is available.” (page 5)
  • Clarified in Personnel section the Foreign Service Limited status (page 8)
  • Travel of U.S. Direct Hires – Revised the first sentence to read “Official travel can be initiated after a lapse in appropriation only in fulfillment of excepted activities can be initiated after a lapse of appropriations, regardless of whether the employee had a funded and approved travel order prior to the lapse in appropriation.” (page 11)
  • Travel for U.S. Personal Service Contractors – Added the following: “Travel for PSCs that was not scheduled and authorized/approved prior to the lapse may not be processed due to the lapse in appropriations that affects personnel necessary to process any orders.” (page 11)
  • Training for USDH – The following determination is now included: “USAID personnel who are detailed to teaching positions at the War Colleges are considered excepted.” (page 12)
  • Allowances – This section has been updated to reflect some of the DoS latest guidance on this top. (page 12)
  • Obligations and Disbursement –
    • Updated to include deobligations - Posts should not de-obligate funds previously obligated prior to December 22, 2018 and reobligate to new obligations after December 21, 2018. (page 16)
    • Travel - The prohibition against the use of blanket travel orders has been deleted. (page 18)
    • Clarified throughout this section that any obligations made against lapsed appropriations must be documented and the value and nature of the obligation must be forwarded to the mailbox. (pages 17-19)
  • Time and Attendance – Section has been updated to state that final instructions will be provided to AMS officers and EXOs as soon as available. The questions and answers have been moved from this section to the separate FAQ document. (page 19)
  • Added a reference to the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019. (page 13)
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 8:00pm

Last updated: January 18, 2019