Kosovo Youth Dialogue

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Kosovo Youth Dialogue is a 30-month project with the main goal of empowering young people to actively participate in the dealing with the past and reconciliation  process in Kosovo by encouraging inter-ethnic communication, interaction and cooperation, addressing common interests, building confidence and promoting mutual  understanding and positive attitudes.

Specific objectives of the project are following

Strengthening cooperation between NGOS working with constituents from different ethnic backgrounds in Kosovo through the implementation of joint projects.

Increasing communication and cooperation between young people from different ethnic backgrounds in Kosovo, in particular Kosovo -Albanians and Kosovo-Serbs, by breaking stereotypes and challenging dominant narratives of the past through multi-ethnic youth exchanges and multi-ethnic arts workshops that will enable them to learn and exchange with each other.

Enhancing collective memory about the recent war in Kosovo as a way of dealing with the past and thus developing a critical approach towards nationalist narratives through research and documentation of wartime experiences and stories.

Inciting public discussion about the dominant political and ethnic-nationalist narratives of the recent war in Kosovo through the promotion of grass-roots dealing with the past initiatives of young people.

5 youth exchange programs

137 youth from Albanian and Serbian community in Kosovo participated

2 cycles and Small grans Scheme

12 grass-root NGOs partnered to empower youth in the process of dealing with the past and reconciliation

1 Peace Fellowship Program

15 fellows coming from Albanian and Serbian community

1 Capacity building training for NGOs representatives

20 NGO representatives from Kosovo participated in capacity building training for transitional justice and reconciliation

1 publication event for youth exchange programs

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Friday, August 13, 2021 - 2:30am

Last updated: August 13, 2021