Financial Assistant

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Working for the USAID/Serbia Mission Financial Management Office (FMO), the incumbent ensures that his/her performance of duties and responsibilities reflects the core values of FMO. S/he is an integral part of the FMO team responsible for meeting the programmatic and administrative objectives and goals of USAID/Serbia Mission. The incumbent provides financial administrative services to USAID/Serbia and client missions and operating units (Middle-East Regional Platform (MERP), Overseas Support Office (OSO), Regional Inspector General (RIG), Syria Transition Assistance and Reconstruction Team (START), Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, & Tunisia). The incumbent works with each operating section in the Financial Management Office, Payment, Accounting, and Financial Analyst, to provide financial and administrative support. These financial duties include budget analysis, projects, and reporting activities. The Financial Assistant reports to the Chief Accountant. The incumbent will provide financial and analysis support for the Mission’s program portfolio consisting of Economic Growth, Democracy and Governance in support of the Financial Analyst (FA), Supervisor of Payments and Chief Accountant. The Financial Assistant maintains a close relationship with the Supervisor of Payments, Financial Analyst, and Chief Accountant with whom they address all financial policy requirements and issues for their designated roles and responsibilities. The job may require work-related travel.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022 - 9:30am

Last updated: September 21, 2022